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Ayurpathy is a science that describes the advantageous, disadvantageous, happy and unhappy states of life, in addition to what is good and bad for life and its measurement.

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Authentic natural and pure medicines are prescribed by our practitioners. We are dedicated to life. Shivya ayurpathy is currently considered among the best ayurpathy centers in Zirakpur and Chandigarh region, which offers best O.P.D Medication Prescription  By specialist Doctors in there specific fields.



The Panchkarma sessions are customised as per your specific needs by ascertaining your Prakriti and the disease’s aetiology. During the Panchkarma treatment we take into consideration your chart Nakshatra for enhancing the effect of the treatment. For achieving an effective balance of your Tridoshas we use highly specialized oils unique to your mind-body type. These sessions can also be taken up as part of your wellness regime for balancing your energy aura, Tridoshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)To be able to completely understand the uniqueness of our Panchkarama sessions you need to experience it.



According the Acharya Charkh (the father of Ayurveda) the Shirah (the head) is the seat of the Prana (soul) and all indriyas (sense organs) have shelter in the Shirah. It is also known as uttamanga(best body organ). Due to this fact Shirodhara with Ksheera (milk) provides strength to pranaand indiriyas which are mainly vitiated in the case of psychological disorder. There two forms of procedures that involves the Shirah: Shirodhara and Shirovasti. InShirovastionce the poorva karmas are completed you is made to sit on the stool of his height of his knee in the evening, a head band is strapped around the head, just above the ears, plastered by piece of cloth smeared with black gram dough.



It is defined as a procedure of application of snehadravyas (body moisturising and softening oil) over the body with certain amount of pressure in specific directions. In this procedure warm medicated oil based on your nakshatra is applied gently all over the body in anulomagati. Depth of penetration is about 3mm. Many of the prevalent modern massage techniques are the modified forms of Abhyanga. It can be performed as preventive therapy or therapeutic procedure or even as rejuvenative therapy.



Pizhichil is a treatment procedure in which the herbal oils and or ghee are poured over your body in monitored streams for a fixed duration of time. It is a type of Parisheka Sweda (steaming or sweat inducing treatment in which hot or warm liquids are poured or sprinkled or showered over the body in streams). In Pizhichil, along with pouring of the stream of oil, simultaneous massage is done to enhance benefits of the treatment. Pizhichil is beneficial for aliments like Hemiplegia, and other paralyses.


Potali Massage

This massage is done with special bags which contain either medicinal herbs or other nutritious items. The bags are heated in warm oil for few minutes and then are used for massaging the body. It is a great massage to relieve pain, reduce physical and mental stress, and nourish and rejuvenate the body.


Divya Kantivalya

Divya Kantivalya is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used externally on the face for improving skin glow and complexion. It reduces dark spots, blemishes, and wrinkles. It is also helpful in the treatment of acne or pimples. It helps when your skin lacks lustre, looks dull or lustreless, and premature ageing signs start appearing on the face. It improves facial lustre and makes your face more vibrant.



Jaloka or Leech therapy is a blood purification therapy where leeches are used to suck the impure blood from the infected part of the body. Leech sucks only impure blood to be very specific. Leech therapy is also used successfully to manage problems like High Blood Pressure and Arthritis. It improves blood circulation and metabolism as well. It has shown its effectiveness in treating Hemorrhoids, also known as piles.


Kshara Sutra

It is a medicated linen thread prepared with a coating of Snuhi Ksheera, Apamarga Kshara and Haldi Churna.  Kshara Sutra Therapy (or Kshar Sutra Treatment) is a unique ancient technique, which is proved to be an effective treatment of anorectal disorders. It is commonly recommended in patients suffering from hemorrhoids, pilonidal sinus (PNS) and fistula-in-Ano.  Kshar Sutra treatment is a minimum invasive procedure in which ligation of Piles, Sentinel tags and Threading of Fistulous track is done under local anesthesia (generally) or no anesthesia at all.


Kati Vasti

Ayurveda is the oldest science of healing. It is a science and art of appropriate living which helps to achieve longevity. According to Ayurveda principle there are two different treatments, one is palliative and the other one is purificatory.

To achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes purificatory therapy i.e Panchakarma for the cleansing of body toxins. Kativasti, a part of pre-operative procedure prior to Panchakarma is a very effective treatment for lower backache.

The waist area of the body is called Kati. Holding warm ayurvedic oils on the affected areas is called Vasti. Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for certain period.


Janu Vasti

Janu Vasti or Janu Basti is a specialized ayurvedic treatment to relieve the knee pain caused due to arthritis by strengthening the knee muscles and joints. The treatment is performed by pouring & pooling medicated oils for a fixed duration of time in a compartment constructed around the knee joints using wet flour of black gram.

Janu Vasti is most effective in the conditions of Osteo Arthritis or Knee Pain of frequent pain or mild to moderate severity. This is a solution to the knee pain occurring because of walking for long distances or standing for a long time. The pain in the joint is another condition where it is effective. The pain will recede in the joints that have occurred because of repetitive and constant strain or stress. Janu Vasti also acts as preventive treatment under such conditions. This helps in avoiding joint related problems and in keeping the joints healthy.

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